We provide staffing solutions to clients with any number of employees. With over 40 years of combined experience in the Staffing and Payroll Industry, JTL Solutions can find a wide range of candidates to meet your needs. Whether it is one employee or hundreds, as your volume grows so does our list of tools to assist you.  Site evaluations for compliance, health and safety are imperative in today’s market and our team of experts is here to help!

We can assist your company with multiple employment needs. Whether you are accommodating new start-up demands, a sudden increase in business, special one-time projects, changes in the market, current employee vacations, illness or even a looking for a long term employee, call JTL Solutions.

Competitive Edge

Because of our advanced position and expertise in the field of human resources, JTL Solutions is capable of generating a larger, stronger, and more qualified workforce selection for your customized staffing needs. Part of our strategy is our creation of a total employment package, including the benefits and training that consistently attracts a better workforce.

Benefits are Key
We provide benefits for our employees so you don’t have to – helping impact retention and your bottom line.

Training and Orientation Matter
We do more than provide skilled people. We help train and orient them on your company’s specific administrative, safety and performance expectations so that they are productive from day one. The result: your staff will deliver better results, sooner, for your customers.


A diverse pool of applicants means a better workplace
As your company seeks ways to assure equal opportunities and build a diverse workforce, let the Pro Resources database help you. We use innovative, proactive recruiting methods including job fairs, diverse advertising placement, and a referral incentive program to achieve a diverse pool of applicants.